Air barrier and waterproofing Casino

Project: Holland Casino Venlo airtight and waterproof
Description: The new Holland Casino Venlo will be a real eye-catcher. This is partly due to the LED lighting that is constructed over the entire exterior of the building on which animations can be shown. The organic design symbolizes the sustainable solutions used in this project. For example, the rainwater is collected via the roof and reused within the greywater system. At the construction of the building uses as little concrete as possible has been used. Instead of concrete, wood from sustainably managed forests has been used.

Various air barriers and waterproofing have been realized with the products of Liquid Rubber. For example, the seams between the HSB elements were first filled with PU foam and made airtight with Liquid Rubber HBS200. On the roof of the building, the connections of the Promatect roof sheets are waterproofed with Liquid Rubber HBS200 and the Geotextile.