Air barrier sealants

Project: Air barrier sealants
Description: The fact that Liquid Rubber can be used for many air barrier sealants is very well known these days. Nevertheless, the diversity of the possibilities in this segment is unique.

Liquid Rubber HBS200 and Liquid Rubber JointFiller can be used in many applications serving as an air barrier. Because of the unique adhesive characteristics of the products, they can easily be applied on many connections between different surfaces without the use of any primer.

The project, mentioned below, is built according to high air barrier standards. Liquid Rubber HBS200 is used on all the connections between floor and wall. The Liquid Rubber products are easily installed around all the columns and ancors. The seamless adhesion ensures a perfect air barrier.

On the connection of all the pipes and outlets, Liquid Rubber JointFiller was applied. The product comes in tubes of 310ml and can perfectly be installed when a joint or seam needs to be filled. Liquid Rubber JointFiller adheres to wood and aluminium and has a durable flexibility.

An easy but solid sealant with Liquid Rubber!