Hottub sealing

Project: Hottub waterproof sealing with Liquid Rubber
Description project: In Finland they burst with creativity. This can also be seen on the pictures of the project below. They crafted a steel frame from old containers which they insulated with XPS insulation panels. All seems and concerns where then taped with a special insulation tape. After taping all seams a Liquid Rubber processor was asked to seal the whole construction.

The processor initially sprayed a layer of Flatcoat to ensure that the XPS insulation lost it porosity. Once the Flatcoat was fully dried, a layer of Liquid Rubber SprayGrade was applied. This is done with a thickness of 2mm and is completely seamless. The liquid property of the material ensures it creates a good seal in all tight spaces and sharp corners.

After the unit dried completely the product was ready for use. A great and creative way to use our product.

The client is satisfied, so are we!