Roof renovation

Project: Roof renovation with very specific conditions
Description: About six months ago, Geneco Services & Solutions in Walvis Bay became an applicator partner for EuroRubber in Namibia. Being located in the western seaboard of Namibia in the town Walvis Bay. Together with the neighbouring towns Swakopmund and Henties Bay, this company is dealing with very specific challenges in terms of building maintenance. The most pressing challenge is the harsh environment in which these towns are situated. Due of the high salt content in the air, corrosion is a huge factor in building and maintenance.

The salt affects all sorts of building materials. Many foundations, walls, frames, roofs are all damaging really quikly due of the high salt contact. Annual maintenance is a very common fact in these areas.

The Liquid Rubber products have a very high salt resistance so are perfectly fit for this type of climate. Liquid Rubber has another added advantage because it is fully seamless when installed. Seams are always weak spots in a membrane because water and salt are usually penetrating in on those spots. The fact that Liquid Rubber is seamless sucures that risk.

This existing felt roof was already in need of maintenance one year after it was installed. The entire surface was thoroughly cleaned. Afterward Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied on the surface. All the upstands and bad spots were covered with a Geotextile fibre. A second layer of HBS200 was installed afterwards to ensure a 2mm thick membrane.

A fully seamless, waterproof and saltproof membrane that will ensure a durable waterproofing on this roof.