Prefabricated facade elements sealing

Project: Noorderwinkels, The Netherlands
Description: The unique village of Nagele has been completely developed on the drawing board according to a strict urban development plan. The architects wanted to make the village an example where the latest ideas and the most modern techniques were applied. The village has a spacious layout, an abundance of greenery and all houses are constructed with flat roofs.

This new addition to the unique village is true to this philosophy. These eighteen spacious new homes are being developed with extreme sustainability. The basic ingredients of all materials are provided with an identity and stored in a materials passport. When renovations take place or when the homes are being demolished, the building materials can be reused or returned to the supplier.

The wooden frame will be fitted with prefab SIPS panels on which stones strips are mounted. These prefab elements are constructed off site. On these elements Liquid Rubber is applied to create an air barrier. The top and bottom of the elements are waterproofed with HBS200 to protect the element against rain and moisture. On site, the connections of the timber frame element to the concrete floor are waterproofed with a layer Liquid Rubber.