Roof renovation

Project: Roof renovation
Beschrijving project:
A six year old roof of a private residence in Izegem (Belgium) was in very bad shape. This resulted in early wear, the slate chippings came loose and the roof started to leak.

A certified applicator of Liquid Rubber has performed a roof restauration with the following products:

First the roof was cleansed thoroughly and all loose particles were removed. Then all the seams, edges and transits to the skylights were coated with HB S-200 and geotextile.

To ensure optimal adherence of the roof coating, a preliminary layer of SprayGrade was applied with a roller. Then the 2-component SprayGrade was spray-applied as waterproofing layer and on top two layers of AcriTech in the colour white were rolled on for reflection purposes.

The end result is a need, dry and sustainable white roof.

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