Sealant underneath asphalt

Project: Waterproof sealant underneath asphalt
Description of the project:
Liquid Rubber is a perfect sealant underneath the asphalt. In this project, one of the biggest Nordic construction companies NCC, prefers Liquid Rubber as a waterproofing layer. The underlaying concrete needs to be protected against the penetration of moisture and salts. If the concrete is not protected, it might get serious damaged due of the salt water.

The joints have been treated seperately with the Liquid Rubber HB S-200 combined with Geotextile. Afterwards, the entire deck is been treated with the Liquid Rubber BelowGrade. This flexible membrane ensures a durable protection against the penatration of moisture and salts.

Three days after the application, the asphalt was applied on top of the Liquid Rubber. Client NCC was very happy with the rapid time frame and good result of the application.

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