Sealing concrete

Project: Concrete sealing with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade
Description project:
Liquid Rubber is known for its constructive sealants. This project is a very good example of a constructive and functial sealant.

During the construction phase of this new parking garage, Liquid Rubber Belowgrade was applied directly on the concrete floors. Liquid Rubber ensures that the entire floor is waterproofed according to the standard. The project is 15.200m2 in total and the huge advantage of Liquid Rubber is that the applicator is able to apply 1000m2 a day.

After the Liquid Rubber is cured, a new concrete floor will be placed on top of the Liquid Rubber. This is the final deck where the cars will drive and park on.

We are very proud of this applicator and this job. It shows the functionality of Liquid Rubber, again.