Waterproofing deck

Project: Waterproofing deck with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade
Description: Liquid Rubber is known for it’s strong chemical resistance. That is why the application possibilities at chemical companies are endless.

Liquid Rubber serves as a Waterproofing sealant for this storage reservoir. If a chemical leak will occur, the chemical water needs to be conserved in the reservoir. That is why the entire reservoir needs to be waterproofed because of safety issues. Liquid Rubber ensures a seamless and fully waterproofed membrane that has a fully chemical resistance.

After the surface is thoroughly cleaned, the Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied in on the up-stands. Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied combined with a geotextile to ensure a strong bridge on the joint.
Afterwards the entire deck was treated with Liquid Rubber SprayGrade to realize a seamless waterproof membrane.

A quick and solid application. Liquid Rubber has the added advantage that the products are cold applied and 100% environmentally friendly. In a chemical environment like this, that is a huge added value.