LRE StretchFoam

LRE StretchFoam is a flexible 1-component polyurethane foam without CFC, HCFC and HFC, which cures by absorbing moisture from the air or surrounding.
Suitable for insulating, sealing and filling of adjustment- and mounting spaces between window frames, door frames, prefab elements, penetrations, dilatations, seams and joints.

The product is perfectly applicable as a basic backing filling for the Liquid Rubber® products HBS200, SprayGrade, BelowGrade, JointFiller and AB Sealant.
The Liquid Rubber® products are fully compatible with LRE StretchFoam and together provide durable air barrier or waterproofing. The combination between the two products has been extensively tested for adhesion, flexibility, durability and water and air tightness.

flexible pu foam