Waterproofing roof

  • Flat roof roofing
  • Liquid roof sealant
  • Liquid Rubber roofing
  • Liquid sealant EPDM
  • Liquid sealant gutters
Vloeibaar rubber

Entire roof surface

Waterproofing roofs is a dificult job. Liquid Rubber HBS200 and Liquid Rubber SprayGrade are two perfect-fit products for these roof densities. These products can be applied on all sorts of roofing like; Bitumen, plastic, APP, EPDM (with pre-treatment), PVC and many more. This way, a lot of old roofing materials can be re-waterproofed with Liquid Rubber. Liquid Rubber is also fit as a new- and stand-alone waterproofing product.

Roof details

Liquid Rubber HBS200 can easily be applied with a brush or roller to seal all kinds of roof details like; outlets, pipes, water drainage, up stands, strips and cracks or seams of existing roofing. Liquid Rubber HBS200 ensures a seamless and flexible membrane with a flexibility of 900%. This makes Liquid Rubber HBS200 perfectly suitable for waterproofing these diverse roof details.


Many gutters deal with leaking problems. Liquid Rubber HBS200 can re-waterproof these leaking gutters in a durable way. The product can be applied directly on sink gutters, wooden gutters, steel gutters and many more. Liquid Rubber HBS200 ensures a seamless and fully waterproofed layer with a 100% UV resistance.

Flat roof windows

It often occurs that building owners wish for more (day)light in an existing building. A (flat)roof window is a very common choice to realize that extra (day)light. When a roof window is installed, a hole is made in the existing roof construction. That is why it is extra important that an installed window is sealed very well. Liquid Rubber has the perfect products for the job. HBS200 adheres on existing roofing products, and also on the roof window. This ensures a solid and durable sealant with a high flexibility on this tricky connection.

Liquid Rubber SprayGrade can also be used as a waterproof layer on newly build roofs. Liquid Rubber SprayGrade adheres for example on insulation board such as PIR, EPS, XPS and many more. Liquid Rubber can be applied directly on top of insulation as a seamless and durable waterproofing layer.

Liquid Rubber is also the perfect solution for sealing gutters. Whether it concerns an old and weathered gutter, or a brand new one, Liquid Rubber can easily be applied as a durable waterproofed membrane, which can handle movements of the gutter due to its 900% flexibility.